Military Expertise of Ronald Fowlkes Provides Business Developer Leader Extensive Opportunities

Business Developer Manager Ronald Fowlkes specializes in Law Enforcement and Commercial products for Eagle Industries Limited. Eagle Industries is the chief provider for the most-innovative and ground-breaking tactical equipment that outdoor enthusiasts and selective tactical professionals choose. Eagle Industries is headquartered in the state of Virginia and owned and operated under Vista Outdoor Inc., the world’s leading global manufacturer of ammunition, firearms and extreme outdoor accessories. The company has over 30 years’ experience. As a Business Developer Manager, Ronald oversees nationwide product information for more than 150 personnel within the company.


Ronald is a Military Veteran having served in the United States Marine Corps during the first Gulf War. He has extensive training as a Marine Combat and attended the Marine Corps School of Infantry. It was there that Ronald completed the Basic Engineer course. Ronald’s Marine experience allowed him to conduct several parachute operations that included reconnaissance missions as well as naval gunfire missions. During that time, he gained proficient knowledge in several forms of radios that included encrypted and non-encrypted frequencies. He was also able to gain experience with a laser designator. While attending U.S. Army Parachute School, Ronald earned the advanced Navy-Marine Corps Insignia.


After becoming a civilian, Ronald’s Marine Corps and Navy experience allowed him to receive clearance to be approved by the U.S. Department of Defense as a contractor using his background in tactical training to assist the military. During his contract with the U.S. Department of Defense, Ronald worked with the Joint Improvised Explosive Devise Defeat Organization (JIEDDO). Established in 2006, JIEDDO supports counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency as well as dealing with tactical responsiveness to assist commanders in combat during unanticipated battlefield maneuvers. In his duties as contractor, Ronald was directly responsible for the mounted and dismounted infantry combat operations in Iraq. Additionally, with his expertise in tactical operations, he was responsible for instructing U.S. Military personal in tactical defense, close quarters battle, hostage rescue, post-blast analysis, evidence procurement, and enemy combatant questioning and detainment strategies.


With his Military experience, Ronald has had the privilege of serving within his community of St. Louis, Missouri. He served for 10 years within the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and an additional 3 years with the St. Louis County Police Department. Ronald became a team leader in 2003, and he’s a certified instructor. His expertise includes tactical rifle, shoot house, defense tactics as well as SWAT/URBAN warfare tactics. Ronald’s team is involved in high-risk entries of an estimated 250 per year that include hostile barricade suspects and hostage incidents.


In Ronald’s personal time, he’s typically spending time coaching his son’s hockey team as a proud Father. He also enjoys many other sporting activities.


Daniel Taub: International Relations & Diplomacy Mastery

Daniel Taub was born in 1962 United Kingdom and was also raised in the U.K., but his roots have always belonged to more than one place, as he also has roots in Israel. With impressive academic credentials, having studied in University College, London, University College, Oxford, and Harvard University. Daniel Taub’s path to becoming one of the best diplomats, writer, and an international lawyer was set.


In 1989, Daniel Taub served as a reserve officer in the Israel Defense Forces’ international law division as well as a combat medic, when he moved to Israel. He would be the bridge of the diplomatic relationship between the Israeli people and the United Kingdom, helping bring peace and agreement between both communities.


His career as a diplomat started when he became a speechwriter for President Chaim Herzog. In 1991, Daniel Taub became a member of the Israeli Foreign Ministry. His career would take him very far and would later lead him to become an excellent writer of big reputation, even appearing in the Guardian and other media.


Daniel would later be appointed as the Israeli Ambassador to the UK where he put a strong emphasis on technology links and trade. Daniel was responsible for the introduction of Bizcamp start-up competition along with Google.


Because of developing business and trade in the region, he was nominated for the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award, and the $8 billion UK-Israel bilateral trade increase was largely credited to Daniel Taub. According to the British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills, Sajid Javid, this very impressive growth in trade between the UK and Israel was the golden age of trade between the two countries. And due to this flourishing trade, more than 300 Israeli businessmen have set up shop in the UK.


Daniel Taub was once a peace negotiator and having been born and raised in the UK, the job of Israeli Ambassador to the UK was perfect for him. He retired in 2015 and now spends his days more as a writer, following his passion for writing and sharing his experiences and thoughts.


A talented writer, Daniel Taub often writes about the Middle East and Israel and his articles have appeared in The Guardian, The Times, The Huffington Post, and The Daily Telegraph. Taub also wrote a book called Parasha Diplomatit. Daniel Taub wrote Parasha Diplimatit as a book about biblical texts and how to analyze them using diplomatic insights, something he’s always been interested in during his career.


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Get Aloha Construction For Your Home Remodeling Ideas

Hundreds of people have been affected in the Southeast by the recent severe weather patterns. Many homeowners are left with a damaged roof and siding. It is important to have professional contractors when you’re filing an insurance claim on your home. An Aloha Construction professional provides a licensed and bonded family owned contractor. Their craftsmanship to each of their clients is backed with their superior warranty. You can approve the appearance of your home or business. A bad roof or siding can depreciate the value of your home or increase energy bills. Resolve your home upgrade initiatives with the professional contractors in the industry, and more information click here.


Aloha Construction Provides:

Home Remodeling

Home remodeling is always a great idea, if you’re trying to increase the market value of your home. Remodeling your home can be a huge investment and an Aloha Construction can help you sit down, plan, and choose their in-house financing. You can get the work you need on your home because they reign in storm weather. They have just the look you want to remodel your home. Their estimate allows an experienced technician to come to your home, give you an estimate, and no work will ever be performed without your written permission.


Roofing & Siding

Your roofing and siding can be hit hard in a storm. They both can increase your energy costs from being faulty or having leaks. Your roof takes the brunt of the storm and if you notice a storm, you should immediately calling the professional. Rodents and pests use a faulty roof to gain access to your home. Your siding can improve your appearance and offer eco-friendly material including brick, aluminum, vinyl, and more. Your siding protects your home from the elements, and follow their Twitter.

You’re invited to speak with one of their friendly technicians about a free estimate of your home. Their online website offers descriptive tabs of their features and services. Get exceptional roofing and siding from the professionals Aloha Construction the industries contracting professionals, and Aloha’s lacrosse camp.

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Choosing A New CEO At Bradesco

Choosing a CEO is one of the most important things that any company can do. Over the past few years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has done a great job leading Bradesco. There are many people who look up to the hard work that he has done. Not only has he improved sales and profits, but he has changed the culture of the company as well.

However, there are still some things that the next CEO will have to improve. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was not a perfect leader, and he made plenty of mistakes on various projects according to

The good news for Bradesco is that the banking industry is stronger than ever before. With all of the economic growth in the country, many people expect that Bradesco will continue growing in the years ahead.

Early Life of Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has an interesting life story. Although he grew up in a poor family of farmers, he wanted to go to school and start his own business. While he was in school, he worked a small bank in the area. This is where he learned about the banking industry.

After he graduated from USP, Luiz Carlos Trabuco decided to stay in the banking industry instead of starting a business. At the time, it was difficult for new business owners to get any financial help. There are many more programs for business owners today to take advantage of.

With his great work ethic, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was able to move up quickly within the field. He would eventually get offered the CEO position at Bradesco. There were numerous changes that had to take place at the company after he took over.

Read more: Lázaro Brandão será substituído por Trabuco no conselho do Bradesco

Financing Planning

One of the biggest issues for Bradesco was a lack of clear financial planning for the future. There were many mistakes that took place over the years at the company on

Perhaps the biggest issue at Bradesco was a lack of new technology. The online banking trend was just starting, and the company was completely unprepared. Luiz Carlos Trabuco started to invest a lot of time and money into this project. Due to his hard work, the company is now one of the leading online banking companies in the country today.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco also started numerous loan programs for new business owners. With his bad experience when he was young trying to get a loan, he wanted to make sure other people had opportunities that he did not have.

Future Plans

Now that he is retired, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is starting to work on other projects where he lives. He is passionate about providing educational opportunities to children who live in poor areas. He knows how hard it is to have success in life when you grow up in a poor family. He is building numerous schools to help children who lack basic access to education. Luiz Carlos Trabuco did a solid job as CEO of Bradesco. Although he will be missed by many people there, the search is already starting for the next CEO of the company.


Betsy DeVos, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Betsy DeVos is the current and 11th Secretary of Education in the United States. She is also a successful businesswoman, innovator and a politician in the United States. She is also the former Board of Directors Chairwoman of The Windquest Group. The Windquest Group is a private organization and investment firm which is situated in Michigan. The Group offers diversified consumer products and a range of service. She has been active in politics for over 30 years and a member of the Republican Party. She has also been elected four times as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and has served from 1996 to 2000. She has also served as a Committeewoman in the Republican National between 1992 and 1997.


Betsy DeVos has worked in various posts in party organizations, campaigns and political action committees. She has been an active advocate and a campaigner for the Detroit charter school system. She has also worked at the Alliance for School Choice as the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors. She has also worked at the Action Institute where she headed and managed the All Children Matter PAC. She is also a board member of the Foundation for Excellence Education where she is currently focusing her political efforts on advancing education.


Betsy DeVos went to a private high school, Holland Christian High School. She later joined Calvin College in Grand Rapids where she graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts. Betsy DeVos is married to Dick DeVos, a philanthropist, community activist and an entrepreneur. They both have four children and five grandchildren. Dick DeVos was formerly the president and Chief Executive Officer of the Amway Company. The company is a direct multi-level marketing firm that was founded by Dick DeVos Father. She is also the sister to Erick Prince who is a former United States Navy SEAL Officer. Her brother is also the founder of the re-known Blackwater USA. Her family has been listed as one of the top 100 wealthiest families in the United States.


Betsy DeVos has committed herself to philanthropic activities. She has co-chaired with her husband in the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The foundation contributes and has strong support for the school choice in Michigan. The Family Foundation also donates and supports the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This is a chartered aviation high School that is contained by the Gerald R. Ford International Airport; it is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Family Foundation also funds and supports two private Christian schools, which are managed by the Potter’s House. Furthermore, the foundation donates funds to the Education Freedom Fund. The Education Freedom Fund supports and offers scholarships to needy children to be educated in private schools.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Real Estate Businessman, Adam Milstein Gets Interviewed By Ideamensch

When he sat down for his interview with Ideamensch, Adam Milstein was first asked how he ended up working for Hager Pacific Properties. The story of how Mr. Milstein ended up at Hager Pacific Properties is a long one. After Milstein immigrated to the United States, he enrolled in an MBA program at USC. There, he completed a graduate degree program in entrepreneurship, and more information click here.

While still a grad student at USC, Adam Milstein received many job offers from recruiters on campus. He felt that the job offers were undervaluing his skills and experience however. Mr. Milstein recalls that the salary offers he got were below what undergrad students received at USC. This encouraged Milstein to strike out on his own instead of signing a contract with a corporation, and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

Mr. Milstein did end up working on his own for several years as a commercial real estate broker. After three years in the commercial real estate brokerage industry, Adam Milstein came to Hager Pacific Properties where he now works as a managing director from the company’s Encino, California office. He says he could not be happier at his current job and loves the fact that it is right near his family’s home.

Another question asked of the real estate investor and manager is how does a typical day play out for him at work and what does he do during the day to make it more productive. Adam Milstein responded by saying that when you first begin a business or company there is very little structure or routine in your work. It is only once you become settled or established is there a sense of routine. Milstein says that as he has acquired more properties, the work becomes more routine on a daily basis. Being involved in philanthropy outside of his job is what spurs Milstein to try his best at work, and

Adam Milstein is involved with a bunch of different charitable groups that have one theme in common. As a native of Israel and of Jewish descent, Adam Milstein is passionate about supporting Jewish causes and pro-Israel groups. A few of the charities that he plays a key role in include the Jewish Funders Network, the Israel on Campus Coalition and Hasbara Fellowships.

The Zama-1 Well Speaks to Talos Energy’s Success in Latin America

The ailing Mexico’s energy industry specifically the oil and gas segment saw the light at the end of the tunnel when in May, Premier Oil Plc. (an international oil and gas company based in the UK) announced that the country was about to the commence the drilling of the first private well. Beginning in 1938, all oil wells drilled in Mexico belonged to the state. Mexico owned all the oil wells through Petróleos Mexicanos (better known as Pemex).

Premier Oil is not the only foreign company plying the country’s oil and gas sector. Rome’s Eni and Houston’s Talos Energy’s presence in Mexico ailing sector is notable. Also, local private firms such as Sierra Oil & Gas are among the entrants to the industry that was under Pemex’s monopoly for 80 years.

While the foreign companies in Mexico’s oil and gas industry have vast resources, exploration and development of oil and gas facilities is an expensive undertaking that requires the pooling of resources. Also, Mexico’s statutes require that foreign companies work alongside local firms. Therefore, Sierra, Premier, and Talos are undertaking a joint venture. Although Sierra is the majority shareholder in the joint venture, Talos and Premier enjoy 35 percent and 25 percent stakes respectively and more

The Premier’s statement in May hinted at the commencement of drilling of a well in the Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco. Premier emphasized that drilling would begin on May 21 and proceed for three months. According to the UK’s private firm, the potential site of well indicated crude oil surpassing the 500 million barrel mark. Premier concluded by disclosing that the Zama Well would cost it $16 million.

Being the first non-Pemex well in over eight decades, the world is keenly watching the outcome of the Zama-1 project. Its success will not only mean a better future for Mexico’s oil sector but also income for foreign investors. Meanwhile, closely held Talos Energy is in charge of the well. Tim Duncan, the CEO of the company, is no doubt steering the company in the right direction. Just recently, Talos Energy hit the headlines when it purchased the Energy Resource Technology GOM for over half a billion dollars.


A New Angle For The U.S. Money Reserve

Coins Safely Shipped To Your Door Step


One hundred years ago, the idea of gold being mailed to your doorstep would have been surprising. It might be a surprise to many of you today. The value of gold and other precious metals are skyrocketing throughout the generations. These metals hold as much respect now as they did centuries ago.


Regardless of how we romanticize gold and silver, it can be mailed to your doorstep right now. The safety will overwhelm you if buying with a reliable dealer will be your first time. American citizens are protected by Postal Service especially when dealing with the American government itself. Learn more:


Rare, Minted And High Purity


The types of coins you can have mailed to your doorstep include all of the varieties. There are some coins that might be delivered by the owner themselves and because they are so valuable. The rest of the world market can be received at home and in impressive timing. Learn more:


The more you collect, the likelier it is that you pay no fee for shipping and handling. You can choose by rarity, mint and purity ratings. The U.S. Money Reserve holds metals of all makes and standards. There are also bullion products casted in the form of bars. They hold tremendous value and are mailed to you.


Why Safety Means Everything


The simplicity of this service should not be misunderstood.


There’s a great deal of safety required and to get all of the bullion products you need. Your first step is to rely on your government services while working with a government agency. The U.S. Money Reserve takes every precaution and have a flawless track record.


If you don’t trust in this standing, then you can buy inexpensive insurance. The objective is simple and also seen in the agency’s buyback guarantee. The value of precious metals shipped by the Reserve retains its value in all processes of a transaction.


Whether you own, are waiting or searching for gold, your value remains with the U.S. Reserve.


Let The U.S. Money Reserve Prepare An Order


Orders go out fast and deliveries arrive in professional timing. It can all be started now. Today is open for U.S. Money Reserve service, and there’s plenty of bullion to go around.


Kate Hudson Sets Fabletics Apart

A demand for athletic clothing is increasing. More people are celebrating their ability to improve their health, and the people that are working out want trendy clothes to work out in.


It is fortunate for Fabletics that there is an obsessed nation that has finally heard the wake-up call. They want to do something about there obesity, and it is possible that Fabletics may have just the right garments for people to stay motivated about working out. There is actually a male portion of the Fabletics brand called FL2 that caters to men that are looking for athletic clothes.

This portion of the Fabletics brand is headed by Kate Hudson’s brother. This is an interesting concept for men, but all the headlines are clearly pointing to Fabletics and the leadership role that Kate Hudson has for women. She has taken great pride in creating a brand of clothing for women that is both trendy and affordable. It is rare to hear those two things in the same sentence, but

Kate Hudson knew that this would attract consumers.


Fabletics has become as strong in selling athletic clothing as it has for this reason. Women that are working out are not going to want to spend a fortune on clothes because they are losing weight. They do not want to spend so much money on something that will not even fit in a couple of months. They also want to be trendy when they are going to the gym to work out so it is pertinent to create the type of platform that allows ladies to embrace the possibilities that comes with the discovery of an affordable workout wardrobe.


Women really like what Kate Hudson presents. She is doing with great things for Fabletics. This may be the reason that she is able to thrive in this area of business. She knows what she is doing, and Kate has no problem staying connected with her customer base. That may be the most important part of the equation.


Kate uses social media to do this. She also believes that there is a need to make sure that the customers know about new products so she continues to spread the word about the type

of activewear that she created. She also lets customers know about the great amount of clothes that are part of the Fabletics website. Customers even get a chance to hear about new things like the addition of footwear by Fabletics.


Hudson realizes that she can avoid a large amount of advertising through television by keeping fans connected through social media. This may be the thing that saves this company the most money. It may also be what has become the most effective way to keep customers coming back for more. Fabletics is a company that has weekly updates to products that are being sold. Customers are going to come back to the website and stay plugged into Fabletics through Facebook and Twitter just to see what the new selections are.

Lifeline Screening- Preparing With Your Family

Making the decision to get a Lifeline Screening is good for your overall physical health, as well as your mental and emotional well-being. It is even more effective if you are able to involve the entire family. That may or may not mean that everybody in the family needs to be screened for something, but it always means that it is a lot easier to deal with these and any other medical tests if you have the support of your family as you make the decision to do it.

In many cases, you can get a single screening or you can get an entire package of tests done, often at a discounted rate. Sometimes, entire families decide to go in together and get screened all at one time. This definitely makes the entire process less nerve-wracking because there is safety in numbers, so to speak. Fortunately, even if you are the only one that is going in for a Life Line Screening, you can still enjoy having the support of your family. If you let them know what you are planning to do and why, there is every chance that you can plan the entire thing as a family. This automatically takes a lot of the stress off of the situation and makes it easier to deal with and more information click here.

Most people don’t really enjoy the thought of having medical tests done. It just isn’t typically considered something that is enjoyable. However, you should never underestimate the power of these tests. In reality, they can help you catch potentially life-threatening conditions while they are still in their very early stages. This can help you become more aware of what is going on with your body and then work with a qualified physician in order to deal with those issues. In other words, it might save your life. When you look at it in that context, you know that it is worth it and what Life Line Screening knows.

If you are having problems getting motivated in order to take these tests, don’t hesitate to speak with your family. There is every chance they will be able to alleviate a lot of your fears. Chances are, they are going to support you in your decision. Therefore, it can make the entire process a lot less stressful to go through once you know you have their unwavering support and Life Line Scereening’s lacrosse camp.

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