The Unprecedented Rise of End Citizens United Super PAC Group and Its Future Plans

End Citizens United (ECU) has already started shaking things up on the American political landscape. Just as the group pledged to do when they started their activism in 2010, they have thrown their weight behind candidates who support the reform agenda in the upcoming 2018 primaries. The group released the list of the politicians it hopes to work with from the grassroots levels all the way up. For your information, ECU has a register containing up to 3 million Democratic members. Their membership base continues to grow steadily and it is speculated it will hit the 5M mark by 2020. The candidates endorsed by the ECU are evenly spread out all across the nation from Illinois, California, Oregon and New York.


Billionaire Cabinet


Ideally, ECU expects that by supporting candidates like Elijah Cummings and Jamie Raskin, Ben Ray Lujan and Pramila Jayapal get elected into the House of Representatives. Once elected, those Democrats are going to push the repealing of the hotly-debated ruling made by the US Supreme Court in 2010. That ruling made it possible for donors and other political party backers to continue operating without any regard to the law. How so? Well, if you have paid the slightest interest and attention at what is going on in our nation, then you’ll have realized how President Trump has surrounded himself with fellow billionaires. It leaves a lot to question about who’s going to make an earnest case for the average working class American. Definitely not, Betsy DeVos.


Dealing with Big Money


Big money has completely taken over and hijacked the process in Washington DC. Energy and conservation laws are flying out of the Oval Office faster than jokes from Stephen Colbert and this is all because the energy companies are owned and run by the same people advising the leader of the free world. The days of wealthy billionaires making unilateral decisions to help themselves at the cost of the masses are numbered, all thanks to ECU. If you want to make a real difference, it’s quite easy to get started using the platform.


The ECU group had hoped to add $35M to their net liquidity and looking by the recent signs of progress, they are well on course to beating that estimate. All of these funds are going to go straight into funding the campaigns of the chosen legislators. The rest of the money gets used to support organizations which mobilize documented immigrants and other minority groups to take part in the electoral process.


Donation Limits


End Citizens United has an incredible panel of experts running the finances, the capital pitches and all the other aspects of the organization. Their unique business model sees them only accept a certain amount of money from a donor at a time. The limit stands at $50 and the average contribution as of last year, stood at $14 according to estimates released by their officials.