Kate Hudson Sets Fabletics Apart

A demand for athletic clothing is increasing. More people are celebrating their ability to improve their health, and the people that are working out want trendy clothes to work out in.


It is fortunate for Fabletics that there is an obsessed nation that has finally heard the wake-up call. They want to do something about there obesity, and it is possible that Fabletics may have just the right garments for people to stay motivated about working out. There is actually a male portion of the Fabletics brand called FL2 that caters to men that are looking for athletic clothes.

This portion of the Fabletics brand is headed by Kate Hudson’s brother. This is an interesting concept for men, but all the headlines are clearly pointing to Fabletics and the leadership role that Kate Hudson has for women. She has taken great pride in creating a brand of clothing for women that is both trendy and affordable. It is rare to hear those two things in the same sentence, but

Kate Hudson knew that this would attract consumers.


Fabletics has become as strong in selling athletic clothing as it has for this reason. Women that are working out are not going to want to spend a fortune on clothes because they are losing weight. They do not want to spend so much money on something that will not even fit in a couple of months. They also want to be trendy when they are going to the gym to work out so it is pertinent to create the type of platform that allows ladies to embrace the possibilities that comes with the discovery of an affordable workout wardrobe.


Women really like what Kate Hudson presents. She is doing with great things for Fabletics. This may be the reason that she is able to thrive in this area of business. She knows what she is doing, and Kate has no problem staying connected with her customer base. That may be the most important part of the equation.


Kate uses social media to do this. She also believes that there is a need to make sure that the customers know about new products so she continues to spread the word about the type

of activewear that she created. She also lets customers know about the great amount of clothes that are part of the Fabletics website. Customers even get a chance to hear about new things like the addition of footwear by Fabletics.


Hudson realizes that she can avoid a large amount of advertising through television by keeping fans connected through social media. This may be the thing that saves this company the most money. It may also be what has become the most effective way to keep customers coming back for more. Fabletics is a company that has weekly updates to products that are being sold. Customers are going to come back to the website and stay plugged into Fabletics through Facebook and Twitter just to see what the new selections are.

How Fabletics Has Managed To Edge Out Competition In The Fashion Industry

A few brands can claim to have eaten into Amazon’s market share in the fashion industry. One of these companies is Fabletics. Fabletics has taken the battle of titans in the fashion industry right to the doorstep of Amazon. In as much as Amazon still commands the highest percentage of individual online sales in fashion, Fabletics is positioning itself as a future leader in the online fashion business. The firm posts an impressive number of sales over the few years it has been in operation.


Kate Hudson, the brainchild of Fabletics reckons that the future of fashion lies in athleisure apparels. With her athleisure brands, Hudson has managed to create a vibrant subscription community that is committed to the monthly fashion offerings that Fabletics has to offer. Through Fabletics’ membership platform and a business model known as reverse-showrooming, Fabletics has managed to attract millions of subscribers.


Fabletics adopts an excellent marketing and sales strategy, the customers who go to Fabletics retail stores are taken through a unique shopping experience. They register as new members on Fabletics’ online platform after which they are taken through a lifestyle questionnaire that complements the registration as a member. Through the whole process of making a sale, the fashion giant does not involve sales associates whom most clients find intrusive and pressuring. All the new members on the company’s online platform are encouraged to try new fashion trends that comprise of either active-wear or workout apparels until they can find something that fits them well or looks perfect on them.


All the items that a client wore in the retail store are used as a template from which suggestion are made to the customer once they log into their online account. This unique shopping experience enables customers to shop remotely. Another reason as to why Fabletics is becoming a force to reckon with in the fashion industry is because all the shoppers can enjoy great discounts and free shipping on all the items they have purchased.


Fabletics also gives all its subscribers suggestions of clothes that they can consider buying every month, but nothing is shipped without the final authorization by the client. Fabletics has revolutionized the way in which women shop for fashion making it effortless yet convenient. Across the United States, women are increasingly finding Fabletics to be a necessity in their everyday lives. This realization puts Fabletics on an upward curve regarding future growth.