Adam Milstein Employs Wide-Reaching Strategies for Philanthropic Impact

Adam Milstein is a prominent real estate investor known for being an active philanthropist. After moving from Israel to the United States, he received his Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern California in 1983 and began his career in real estate. He and his wife Gila have since taken active community and philanthropic roles. As an Israeli-American, he focuses his philanthropic work on strengthening the State of Israel, connecting people to their Jewish heritage and culture, and building relationships between the United States and Israel. To accomplish these goals, he employs varied strategies ranging from founding philanthropic organizations to providing Hebrew books to children to engaging people via social media outlets.

An example of his philanthropic leadership, Adam and his wife founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The Foundation takes an innovative approach of funding programs via the Life Path Impact, providing opportunities for Israeli-Americans to engage at every stage of life. Adam also co-founded the Israeli-American Council, a fast-growing, influential nonprofit with similar goals but moving from the individual level to community and system wide impact. Adding in multiple board positions with nonprofit organizations, Adam Milstein has dedicated his philanthropy to building connections to and between Jewish people and the Jewish State.

Adam Milstein seeks and employs new avenues for engaging people whether the tools are more traditional print media and nonprofit work to the ever-evolving social media. His recently created podcast adds another layer as he invites Jewish leaders into conversation, demonstrating his ability to effectively integrate social media to reach a large audience and increase connection of Israeli-Americans. Not surprisingly, Adam Milstein was named one of Richtopia’s algorithm based “Top 200 Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs 2017” due to his influence on Twitter and Facebook.

As his wide-reaching appeal and numerous endeavors make him influential beyond the realm of social media, several organizations and outlets have named him among the top people with influence. Adam Milstein is using this recognition and his leadership to promote Jewish cultural and philanthropy for generations to follow.

Aloha Construction Professionals Can Help During A Storm

Who Is Aloha Construction

A winter storm in the North can be a nightmare on your home. Record snow has been responsible for the cause of thousands of rooftops and siding being damaged. The culprit of most of the damage to your home in the winter is caused by tons of leaking snow creating an excess in moisture. The professional team of Aloha Construction technicians are licensed and trained to handle your home remodeling or maintenance issues in your area. Amazingly, they offer a 10 year craftsmanship warranty on all of their work at the Aloha group, and


More About Aloha Construction

Aloha operates as a family owned and operated team of professionals. They can give their customers amazing in-house financing offers which aren’t available from their competitors. They’re proudly based in Southern Wisconsin and also service the Illinois and Gurnee area to name a few. They have been proudly established for over 50+ years and offer their customers the option to remodel their home regardless of their income level. You’ll love the way your home looks and feels from the professional work of an Aloha Construction professional.


Aloha Construction: Features


Damage roofing on your home can be unsightly and an immediate entry way for pests and rodents to enter your home. There are many style roofing types to fit any job and an Aloha professional is there to back you every step of the way. Upgrading your roof may also increase the value of your home and can create better air quality, and Aloha on Facebook.



Your siding is a great way to improve the appearance of your home fast. If you have bad siding, it can affect the temperament of your home. They offer several colors and siding models to choose from including cedar lake and aluminum.

You’re invited to visit the descriptive Aloha Construction website for more details on a free no-obligation consultation of your home today, and read full article.

George Soros Continues to Fight for Human Rights Across the Globe

George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist, and political activist is getting back into politics. He has been relatively quiet since his efforts to defeat then-president George W. Bush in 2004, but he has returned to the political theater during the most recent presidential election and read full article.

Soros pledged over $26 million to Super PACs that supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. He has always been a supporter of Democratic candidates and causes during his life. While Clinton’s presidential bid ended unsuccessfully, Soros did manage to chalk up some victories during that election cycle. Most notably, he funded Super PACs in Arizona that helped defeat controversial Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and learn more about George.

Soros gave $2 million to Maricopa Strong, a Super PAC dedicated to defeating Arpaio and succeeded in their mission.

Clinton and Soros have had a 25-year relationship with the billionaire supporting her political campaigns during that time. He famously supported Barack Obama during the 2008 Democratic Primary over Clinton but quickly became disillusioned with President Obama. Soros cited Obama’s lack of effort in fighting for progressive ideas and legislation.

According to many associates close to the billionaire, Soros is more engaged politically now than he has been in the recent past. Many cite the threat he sees for the GOP and President Donald Trump. He has been quoted as saying that Trump is “doing the work of ISIS.” Referring to Trump’s angry rhetoric against Muslims and his proposed travel ban that targets Muslim-majority countries and George’s Website.

Soros has spent most of his adult life fighting for human rights for citizens all around the world. His Open Society Foundations has fought for freedom of expression and transparency in governments throughout the globe.

He has personally given away more than $12 billion of his fortune to groups and organizations that fight for freedom and rights for all citizens. This alone makes him one of the most active and influential philanthropists in the world today and George’s lacrosse camp.

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Chairman & CEO, Capital Group Faults Warren Buffet Investment Strategy

Warren Buffet usually has the last word on matters of investment, but this is one instance when Timothy Armour, Chairman, and CEO of Capital Group begs to differ. He was referring to the legendary investor’s bet that he could obtain better results than what a group of hedge fund managers would obtain one, by the mere expedient of investing in the S&P 500 passive index fund.

While agreeing with Buffet principally, Timothy Armour holds that passive index fund is not entirely a safe cushion against a passive market. Timothy Armour who was made Chairman & CEO of Capital Group in July 2015 is himself a 32 year seasoned veteran of the investment trade. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College, he began his career with Capital as a participant in the Associates Program.

Thereupon he earned his spurs as an equity investment analyst covering global telecommunications and US services companies. One of his most ardent advice for investors would be to find trusted managers who are capable of earning their keep by doing the necessary research and analysis and learn more about Timothy.

On the market sell off in September 2015 on account of news from China, Armour held that the correction was due and didn’t duly worry him. He actually believed that periodic corrections were just what the markets needed to remove “pockets of excess” and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

He further believes that China’s transition from a closed investment led economy to a more open and consumer led would perforce be a tough one and there was actually an opportunity to invest in good Chinese companies. He felt that Chinese Internet companies could definitely be looked at and resume him.

Coming back to the present times Armour’s perception of the market in the early days of the Trump era is that global markets are about to witness unprecedented change and it is in his words, “Seismic” and “Real.” Coming from a usually conservative investment advisor that is some positive endorsement. That is Armour for you. Not given to hyperbole but when the need arises, he says it as it is- even if he has to give advice contrary to that offered by Warren Buffet and more information click here.

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Investing as an Entrepreneur

There are so many things people could do as an entrepreneur. This is why it is common for many people to think about being an entrepreneur at some point in their lives while they are working. While a lot of people don’t get past the thought stage of being an entrepreneur, there are those that attempt. There are also those that succeed in their attempts. However, it is important for people to know that there is a lot of hard work to be done as entrepreneurs in order to succeed. Success as an entrepreneur costs either a ton of money, or a ton of work. In some cases, it is a mixture of both. Learn more:


When it comes to investing, people do have to spend money in order to make money. However, there is more to it in some cases than putting money forward. For people that are trading in the market, they have to make sure that they know a lot about the market that they are trying to get involved in. There are a lot of techniques and strategies to take part in. Among these strategies is the trend based strategies of trading. One thing that could be said about the markets is that there is a lot to learn. Learn more:


Fortunately, there are reliable sources that could break down all of the information so that it could be easy to understand. Among the sources is Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. He has a ton of experience that goes with the success of his business ventures. He has not only made the right choices in his investments but has also proven himself as someone people can listen to when it comes to financial advice. Therefore, he has started his firm as a financial adviser. Learn more:


One of the best things about Wealth Solutions is that Richard Blair has brought forth a culture of thoughtfulness. Therefore, the professionals of this firm are always going to listen to the customer first and then come up with a reasonable plan of moving forward according to the circumstances, strengths and weaknesses of each individual client. Learn more: