Real Estate Businessman, Adam Milstein Gets Interviewed By Ideamensch

When he sat down for his interview with Ideamensch, Adam Milstein was first asked how he ended up working for Hager Pacific Properties. The story of how Mr. Milstein ended up at Hager Pacific Properties is a long one. After Milstein immigrated to the United States, he enrolled in an MBA program at USC. There, he completed a graduate degree program in entrepreneurship, and more information click here.

While still a grad student at USC, Adam Milstein received many job offers from recruiters on campus. He felt that the job offers were undervaluing his skills and experience however. Mr. Milstein recalls that the salary offers he got were below what undergrad students received at USC. This encouraged Milstein to strike out on his own instead of signing a contract with a corporation, and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

Mr. Milstein did end up working on his own for several years as a commercial real estate broker. After three years in the commercial real estate brokerage industry, Adam Milstein came to Hager Pacific Properties where he now works as a managing director from the company’s Encino, California office. He says he could not be happier at his current job and loves the fact that it is right near his family’s home.

Another question asked of the real estate investor and manager is how does a typical day play out for him at work and what does he do during the day to make it more productive. Adam Milstein responded by saying that when you first begin a business or company there is very little structure or routine in your work. It is only once you become settled or established is there a sense of routine. Milstein says that as he has acquired more properties, the work becomes more routine on a daily basis. Being involved in philanthropy outside of his job is what spurs Milstein to try his best at work, and

Adam Milstein is involved with a bunch of different charitable groups that have one theme in common. As a native of Israel and of Jewish descent, Adam Milstein is passionate about supporting Jewish causes and pro-Israel groups. A few of the charities that he plays a key role in include the Jewish Funders Network, the Israel on Campus Coalition and Hasbara Fellowships.

The Zama-1 Well Speaks to Talos Energy’s Success in Latin America

The ailing Mexico’s energy industry specifically the oil and gas segment saw the light at the end of the tunnel when in May, Premier Oil Plc. (an international oil and gas company based in the UK) announced that the country was about to the commence the drilling of the first private well. Beginning in 1938, all oil wells drilled in Mexico belonged to the state. Mexico owned all the oil wells through Petróleos Mexicanos (better known as Pemex).

Premier Oil is not the only foreign company plying the country’s oil and gas sector. Rome’s Eni and Houston’s Talos Energy’s presence in Mexico ailing sector is notable. Also, local private firms such as Sierra Oil & Gas are among the entrants to the industry that was under Pemex’s monopoly for 80 years.

While the foreign companies in Mexico’s oil and gas industry have vast resources, exploration and development of oil and gas facilities is an expensive undertaking that requires the pooling of resources. Also, Mexico’s statutes require that foreign companies work alongside local firms. Therefore, Sierra, Premier, and Talos are undertaking a joint venture. Although Sierra is the majority shareholder in the joint venture, Talos and Premier enjoy 35 percent and 25 percent stakes respectively and more

The Premier’s statement in May hinted at the commencement of drilling of a well in the Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco. Premier emphasized that drilling would begin on May 21 and proceed for three months. According to the UK’s private firm, the potential site of well indicated crude oil surpassing the 500 million barrel mark. Premier concluded by disclosing that the Zama Well would cost it $16 million.

Being the first non-Pemex well in over eight decades, the world is keenly watching the outcome of the Zama-1 project. Its success will not only mean a better future for Mexico’s oil sector but also income for foreign investors. Meanwhile, closely held Talos Energy is in charge of the well. Tim Duncan, the CEO of the company, is no doubt steering the company in the right direction. Just recently, Talos Energy hit the headlines when it purchased the Energy Resource Technology GOM for over half a billion dollars.


A New Angle For The U.S. Money Reserve

Coins Safely Shipped To Your Door Step


One hundred years ago, the idea of gold being mailed to your doorstep would have been surprising. It might be a surprise to many of you today. The value of gold and other precious metals are skyrocketing throughout the generations. These metals hold as much respect now as they did centuries ago.


Regardless of how we romanticize gold and silver, it can be mailed to your doorstep right now. The safety will overwhelm you if buying with a reliable dealer will be your first time. American citizens are protected by Postal Service especially when dealing with the American government itself. Learn more:


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The types of coins you can have mailed to your doorstep include all of the varieties. There are some coins that might be delivered by the owner themselves and because they are so valuable. The rest of the world market can be received at home and in impressive timing. Learn more:


The more you collect, the likelier it is that you pay no fee for shipping and handling. You can choose by rarity, mint and purity ratings. The U.S. Money Reserve holds metals of all makes and standards. There are also bullion products casted in the form of bars. They hold tremendous value and are mailed to you.


Why Safety Means Everything


The simplicity of this service should not be misunderstood.


There’s a great deal of safety required and to get all of the bullion products you need. Your first step is to rely on your government services while working with a government agency. The U.S. Money Reserve takes every precaution and have a flawless track record.


If you don’t trust in this standing, then you can buy inexpensive insurance. The objective is simple and also seen in the agency’s buyback guarantee. The value of precious metals shipped by the Reserve retains its value in all processes of a transaction.


Whether you own, are waiting or searching for gold, your value remains with the U.S. Reserve.


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Orders go out fast and deliveries arrive in professional timing. It can all be started now. Today is open for U.S. Money Reserve service, and there’s plenty of bullion to go around.


Kate Hudson Sets Fabletics Apart

A demand for athletic clothing is increasing. More people are celebrating their ability to improve their health, and the people that are working out want trendy clothes to work out in.


It is fortunate for Fabletics that there is an obsessed nation that has finally heard the wake-up call. They want to do something about there obesity, and it is possible that Fabletics may have just the right garments for people to stay motivated about working out. There is actually a male portion of the Fabletics brand called FL2 that caters to men that are looking for athletic clothes.

This portion of the Fabletics brand is headed by Kate Hudson’s brother. This is an interesting concept for men, but all the headlines are clearly pointing to Fabletics and the leadership role that Kate Hudson has for women. She has taken great pride in creating a brand of clothing for women that is both trendy and affordable. It is rare to hear those two things in the same sentence, but

Kate Hudson knew that this would attract consumers.


Fabletics has become as strong in selling athletic clothing as it has for this reason. Women that are working out are not going to want to spend a fortune on clothes because they are losing weight. They do not want to spend so much money on something that will not even fit in a couple of months. They also want to be trendy when they are going to the gym to work out so it is pertinent to create the type of platform that allows ladies to embrace the possibilities that comes with the discovery of an affordable workout wardrobe.


Women really like what Kate Hudson presents. She is doing with great things for Fabletics. This may be the reason that she is able to thrive in this area of business. She knows what she is doing, and Kate has no problem staying connected with her customer base. That may be the most important part of the equation.


Kate uses social media to do this. She also believes that there is a need to make sure that the customers know about new products so she continues to spread the word about the type

of activewear that she created. She also lets customers know about the great amount of clothes that are part of the Fabletics website. Customers even get a chance to hear about new things like the addition of footwear by Fabletics.


Hudson realizes that she can avoid a large amount of advertising through television by keeping fans connected through social media. This may be the thing that saves this company the most money. It may also be what has become the most effective way to keep customers coming back for more. Fabletics is a company that has weekly updates to products that are being sold. Customers are going to come back to the website and stay plugged into Fabletics through Facebook and Twitter just to see what the new selections are.

Lifeline Screening- Preparing With Your Family

Making the decision to get a Lifeline Screening is good for your overall physical health, as well as your mental and emotional well-being. It is even more effective if you are able to involve the entire family. That may or may not mean that everybody in the family needs to be screened for something, but it always means that it is a lot easier to deal with these and any other medical tests if you have the support of your family as you make the decision to do it.

In many cases, you can get a single screening or you can get an entire package of tests done, often at a discounted rate. Sometimes, entire families decide to go in together and get screened all at one time. This definitely makes the entire process less nerve-wracking because there is safety in numbers, so to speak. Fortunately, even if you are the only one that is going in for a Life Line Screening, you can still enjoy having the support of your family. If you let them know what you are planning to do and why, there is every chance that you can plan the entire thing as a family. This automatically takes a lot of the stress off of the situation and makes it easier to deal with and more information click here.

Most people don’t really enjoy the thought of having medical tests done. It just isn’t typically considered something that is enjoyable. However, you should never underestimate the power of these tests. In reality, they can help you catch potentially life-threatening conditions while they are still in their very early stages. This can help you become more aware of what is going on with your body and then work with a qualified physician in order to deal with those issues. In other words, it might save your life. When you look at it in that context, you know that it is worth it and what Life Line Screening knows.

If you are having problems getting motivated in order to take these tests, don’t hesitate to speak with your family. There is every chance they will be able to alleviate a lot of your fears. Chances are, they are going to support you in your decision. Therefore, it can make the entire process a lot less stressful to go through once you know you have their unwavering support and Life Line Scereening’s lacrosse camp.

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George Soros Continues to Fight for Human Rights Across the Globe

George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist, and political activist is getting back into politics. He has been relatively quiet since his efforts to defeat then-president George W. Bush in 2004, but he has returned to the political theater during the most recent presidential election and read full article.

Soros pledged over $26 million to Super PACs that supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. He has always been a supporter of Democratic candidates and causes during his life. While Clinton’s presidential bid ended unsuccessfully, Soros did manage to chalk up some victories during that election cycle. Most notably, he funded Super PACs in Arizona that helped defeat controversial Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and learn more about George.

Soros gave $2 million to Maricopa Strong, a Super PAC dedicated to defeating Arpaio and succeeded in their mission.

Clinton and Soros have had a 25-year relationship with the billionaire supporting her political campaigns during that time. He famously supported Barack Obama during the 2008 Democratic Primary over Clinton but quickly became disillusioned with President Obama. Soros cited Obama’s lack of effort in fighting for progressive ideas and legislation.

According to many associates close to the billionaire, Soros is more engaged politically now than he has been in the recent past. Many cite the threat he sees for the GOP and President Donald Trump. He has been quoted as saying that Trump is “doing the work of ISIS.” Referring to Trump’s angry rhetoric against Muslims and his proposed travel ban that targets Muslim-majority countries and George’s Website.

Soros has spent most of his adult life fighting for human rights for citizens all around the world. His Open Society Foundations has fought for freedom of expression and transparency in governments throughout the globe.

He has personally given away more than $12 billion of his fortune to groups and organizations that fight for freedom and rights for all citizens. This alone makes him one of the most active and influential philanthropists in the world today and George’s lacrosse camp.

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Omar Yunes- Franchisee Extraordinaire & Author

Just in case you haven’t already heard all about him, Omar Yunes is a young entrepreneur and franchisee who won the Best Franchisee of the World Award in Italy based upon his professional growth through the years, which is actually quite impressive. What’s even more impressive is the fact that he was competing against successful franchisees from 34 other countries. He also owns ten percent of the Sushi Itto franchise locations all over Mexico. In addition to these accomplishments, Mr. Yunes is also working very hard at assisting his own employees in their quest to reach their goals and become successful, as well and more information click here.

Now, he’s getting into the real estate field in a big way and has written a number of insightful articles about it, including a recent one about the rising cost of Real Estate how it affects California charities. In it, he explains how a number of California non-profit organizations are surviving on grants and donations received from both the government and the public. Many of them are having a tough time staying operational in the face of rent increases in big cities like L.A. and San Francisco. Basically, when rents go up, the number of charities that manage to continue doing their good works goes down unless they can bring in enough funding to cover the increase or are able to relocate to someplace more affordable and what Omar Yunes knows.

The problem for Californians now is that when the charities that they depend on are forced into closing due to skyrocketing real estate costs, all of those people who were relying on either the charity’s products or services have no place to go. Then, they have no choice but doing without or paying out-of-pocket. San Francisco is at least doing something about the problem and has awarded $2.7 million toward helping a number of local charities in the fight for affording high rents, as well as some other higher real estate costs. The city’s mayor has also devised a plan that includes raising and spending $6 million for covering San Francisco’s qualified charities’ real estate expenses over a two year period and Omar’s lacrosse camp.

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Digging Into The Mind Of A Financial Mogul

Where We Find Our Greatest Passions

It’s difficult to understand why our greatest moments of inspiration also come from our greatest opposition. Yet, some people need the universe or life to give them that important nudge. What great men like George Soros has learned is that this passion is best when it comes from within and more information click here.

But George Soros does agree that a great deal of the lessons we learn have to come first from life.

For Mr. Soros, the moment in his life when he found his inner passion was the same moment he had to make his greatest decision. This was a decision to leave his own country of Hungary and to become a man of means in London. Needless to say, the presence of war was a large motivating factor to the later success of George Soros.


The Agony Of George Soros

Behind the guise of every successful person, we also see or hear of stories before the fame, the money or the prestige. The agony of George Soros was no different. As a young man of thirteen, he felt as if a man and as if worthy of men’s responsibilities and learn more about George Soros.

This feeling of agony was an inner distress call in Soros, and one that built from a life of poverty with the threat of war.

What eventually happened can make anyone open their eyes to the prospects of success. George Soros had to find real work, and that’s what he did but at a very young age. The money he made, however, it wasn’t enough. George found himself in the same circumstances: poverty and the threat of war.

With these continuing to loom above Soros, the passion grew stronger.

This is the climate which Mr. Soros had to discover his passion through. But once the he did, he entered the world of finance but exited with flying colors and Soros’s lacrosse camp.


The Flight Above All Doubt

There’s a certain point in everyone’s life where they have to make a choice.

That choice, once compounded over time enable men to overcome their greatest fears. What these men find is a part of themselves that they’re able to tap into. These men and women then become the leaders of our world and walk the path that George Soros enabled for himself and

Eric Lefkofsky Brings Hope to Cancer Patients

Cancer has risen to be the most detrimental disease worldwide. Records show that cancer patients are expected to increase by 2024 if other measures are not introduced. However, the disease is being curbed by Eric Lefkofsky, a co-founder of Tempus, a leading company in charge of data-enabled precision medicine.

Eric’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. During treatment, he was shocked how there was a huge gap between data collection and digital technology in the field. With the need of electronic health records to make efficient use of a patient’s information, Tempus was established to change the way cancer treatment is provided and more information click here.

Tempus has created a platform that analyzes a patient’s clinical and molecular data. Despite accessing clinical and medical data being difficult, Tempus managed to develop the analytical software. Another problem was that most crucial patient’s information was progress or physician notes. Therefore capturing and analyzing it was difficult, hence Tempus developed software that includes optical character recognition and language processing capabilities. Thus the information could be transformed into structured data.

Molecular data collected by Tempus are the genomic information of a patient obtained through genomic sequencing at affordable prices. Many cancer types of research done are focusing on molecular and cellular levels for treatment. With Tempus combining clinical and molecular data, researchers hope to learn more about cancer and learn more about Eric.

Lefkofsky and his comrades at the data-enabled precision medicine hope that with the Tempus platform and other technologies, doctors will be able to prescribe a patient accurately. With the information being updated continually, doctors can tell the effective medicine for cancer and other diseases and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Eric Lefkofsky was born in Southfield, Michigan but has spent most of his adult life in Chicago. He graduated in 1991 from the University of Michigan with honors. In 1993 he earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. Eric has worked for a vast array of successful companies and Eric on Facebook.

He is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus. Eric and his staff members work so hard to deliver care to cancer patients. He formed a charitable trust, Lefkofsky Foundation with his wife to support organizations globally. Eric is passionate about providing personalized care to cancer patients.

Bradesco Influential Financial Icon, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

In 2015 financial year, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi beat the odds to emerge as Brazil’s top entrepreneur. The 56-year-old is a CEO at Bradesco, a highly ranked bank in Brazil. His success is an attributed to his leadership style that focuses on adequate service delivery through the various financial channels. These include Banking, Insurance and Pension groups. Despite intense market competition from Itau Unibanco (Current Brazil’s leading Bank); he managed to dominate the Brazilian banking market through the purchase of HSBC. This was a 5.2 Billion investment move that placed him high in the private sector.

Born and raised in Marilia, he was employed as a clerk. This was the genesis of his banking career Marilia also happens to be Bradesco home from its formation till now. Having studied at Sao Paulo University, he worked his way up the bank ranks from marketing to becoming the President of Bradesco for six years. His working period enabled him to deploy professional leaders in all the bank sectors hence boosting the bank’s operations. Renato Ejnisman, who has great banking experience, is an example of one of the many professionals that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi employed. Renato occupies the Executive director position in Bradesco having worked in Boston and America. Strategic staffing led to an increase in Bradesco profit ratings by 30%.

A man of character, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is well known for his hardworking, confident and determined nature. As a family man, his role in putting Brazil in the global market is commendable. He is known for pushing for “Christ the Redeemer” statue to become a world wonder. Through this, Brazil’s economy has experienced significant improvements till today. “Christ the Redeemer” is among world leading tourist’s destination. This has generously contributed to Brazil’s economy including the insurance sector. The citizens have also enjoyed the feeling of belonging. The tourism industry has grown leading to increased investments in local and international businesses. He was at one point approached by the Brazilian president to take the Ministry of Finance docket. His modest nature made him decline the offer. His dedication to upholding Bradesco is one to emulate.

From banking to insurance, a lot can be learned from Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi success history. According to him, Brazil’s prosperity depends on massive investment in the insurance sector. This is evident through Brazil’s ever growing population wants/needs. He continues to emphasize that the government’s duty is to uphold social welfare through substantial investment in the insurance sector. Being the head of Brazil’s leading company in insurance, he has been nominated twice as the most influential Insurance personality in 2003 and 2007 respectively. His wealth of knowledge in banking has enabled him to improve Brazil’s insurance sector via advocating for broker investment.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has represented Brazil in the leading financial institutions that stretch from local to international setups. Locally, he is the Vice president of the Institute for Supplementary Health Studies. He intends to continue the legacy of Trabuco as the former presidents have strived to maintain its image. Marcio Cypriano will rest assured knowing his successor is able and capable of taking the company to the next level.

His reputation is of great influence in Brazil’s private bank industry hall of fame. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been the brainchild to various Brazil financial projects. He has been able to earn the trust of the majority of leaders in Brazil including political leaders. Big media names and the press feature him in various business columns in financial newspapers. With such a hard working and real financial icon, it is safe to say Bradesco economic growth is in capable hands.